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Project Description



Starting from 6 months, it is recommended to gradually introduce the fish to Baby’s menu. That’s why we developed this simple and balanced recipe to meet the nutritional needs of your baby and ensure his proper brain development.
Our raw materials are selected with great care to feed your baby and help him grow well.
No added salt no preservativesgluten free !Gluten-Free-200x200
Recommended for  lunch / dinner
Packaging small jar of 120g & 200g.

Usage tips At the opening, the “POP” is your guarantee
Use a clean spoaon, adapted to the baby’s mouth
Meals can be served warm or at ambient temperature
Warm in the microwave or in a double boiler
Check the temperature before serving to baby
Do not add salt
Storing tips Store in a cool and dry place
After opening, store the jar maximum 48 hours in the refrigerator

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