Egg free cake with yogurt

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Egg free cake with yogurt  


1 packet of yeast

  • Butter and flour for the dish
  • 1/2 pot of oil (pot of yoghurt)
  • 3 jars of sugar (yoghurt pot)
  • 2 pots of flour (yoghurt pot)
  • 2 yogurts



  1. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C.
  2. Empty your yoghurt pot in a bowl. Wash and dry it for use as a measuring cup.
  3. Mix flour and yeast and add to yogurt.
  4. Mix the sugar with the preparation and add the yeast.
  5. Mix well with the oil to obtain a homogeneous texture.
  6. Spread butter over the whole dish with a paper towel (or fingers).
  7. Pour a little flour into the dish and cover the whole surface by tilting the dish.
  8. Place the preparation in and bake for about 30 minutes. Check cooking with a clean knife.
  9. Serve your little ones with a fruit compote or juice