From 6 to 9 months: Discover…

/From 6 to 9 months: Discover…
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From 6 to 9 months: Discover…

6 months: This is the age recommended by the Ministry of Health and WHO to feed your baby, if possible exclusively with the mother’s milk, during its first 6 months.
Depending on the baby and your pediatrician, you can also feed it with infant formula or with both (mixed breastfeeding).
The diet of the 6-month-old baby, based on milk, will gradually grow rich in cooked vegetables and fruits.
Then the meat, the fish, the eggs will be gradually introduced.
During this period, important novelties emerged:
First, baby appropriates the habits of the adults since it will go to four meals a day. The date of passing to four meals depends entirely on baby.
Then the child will gradually become acquainted with new flavors and consistencies. He will also start eating with a spoon.
Try a vegetable or fruit purée for a day or two but if your baby refuses, do not insist … try again a few days later.

The rule to be put in place: «  “My baby must taste everything” ».

All the new products (Food / Spoon) will be introduced with small touches of tests, without insisting, because to constrain it is the best way to create rejection and lasting disgust.

Example of typical menus for 6- to 9-month:

Menu from 6 to 7 months Menu from 8 to 9 months
Morning *Breastfeeding or milk bottle 1st age

(180-240  ml).

Option: add 2 teaspoons of infant flour.

Breastfeeding or bottle of milk 2nd age (210-240 ml).

Option: add 3 to 4 teaspoons of infant flour.

Noon * A vegetable puree with a spoon (60-120 g).

* A bottle of milk (150 -210ml) or a breastfeeding.

* A vegetable puree and two small spoons of cooked meat or fish.

* A fruit compote.

Option: a small pot of vegetables / meat (200g)

Snack * A fruit compote (60-120g)

* A bottle (120-210ml) or a breastfeeding

* A fruit compote (60-120g)

* A bottle (150-180ml) or a breastfeeding

Evening * breastfeeding  or milk bottle (180-240ml)

Option 1: Add 3 tablespoons of vegetable purée in 180 ml milk.

Option 2: add 2 coffee spoons of vegetables flour

* A puree of vegetables (120 to 150g) and a bottle of milk (150-180ml) or a breastfeeding.

Option 1: to be replaced with a bottle of milk with a vegetable soup (some babies are tired at night and prefer the bottle.