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From 9 to 12 months: Explore…

Your little baby will start eating small pieces.
Gradually, instead of mashed potatoes, crush them with a fork, first finely, and then in larger pieces, following the way your baby chews or swallows.
Try also a small piece of banana, the meat in pieces will be for later.
It is as the teeth come out and your baby starts to chew, that you will go from the mixed consistency to the normal consistency.
To help your child, prepare small pieces in a plate, which he will grasp with his fingers. The baby loves to eat food by mouth.
At first, he will do a lot of chattering, he will take a piece, crush it, put it in his mouth, get it out it’s his way of getting used to new tastes and consistencies.

Little by little, your baby will eat better and better.

Example of typical menus for 9- to 12-month : 

Menu from 9 to 10 months Menu from 11 to 12 months
Morning * Breastfeeding or milk bottle 2nd age (210-240 ml)

Option: add 5 tablespoons of infant flour.

* breastfeeding or feeding bottle

Of 240 ml of milk of the 2nd age.

+/- Of cereals.

Noon * A vegetable puree and 3 teaspoons of meat or fish plus a little oil or butter.

+ A fruit compote.

Option: a small pot of vegetables / meat (200g)

* 20 g of meat or fish * mixed or 1/3 of hard-boiled egg

+ Pureed vegetables or melted pieces, accompanied by pasta or rice

+ A fruit compote.

Snack A fruit compote and a bottle of milk (150-180ml) or a breastfeeding (60-120g) * One breastfeeding or bottle of or 240 ml + cereals.

+a fruit compote

Evening * A puree of vegetables and a dairy (white cheese for example)

Option 1: to be replaced with a bottle of thick soup and milk (some babies are tired at night and prefer a bottle).

+/- a fruit compote if baby is still hungry.

+ Drink: water


* One breastfeed or 90 ml of milk bottle

+ A soup of vegetables or vegetables pureed or in melting pieces (with small pasta or rice or semolina … ..

+ A fruit compote if baby is still hungry.