Small Baby Food Jars : homemade or industrial?

/Small Baby Food Jars : homemade or industrial?
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Small Baby Food Jars : homemade or industrial?

This is the question most parents ask at the beginning of the food diversification of their baby , because the opinions vary between pediatrician, friends and grandmas.

To cook small dishes from fresh or frozen products for her baby, each mother has her usual ritual to feed her child according to the time she has available.

From birth until age 3, the baby has specific nutritional needs, which must be met by a specific feeding. Pediatricians advise a healthy and varied feeding that meets the nutritional needs of the baby and insist that this step should be done gently so as not to discourage babies.

Industrial Small Baby Food Jars or Homemade? Each has its own advantages and inconveniences ?

We are always proud to prepare food for our baby. But there are rules to respect for this alimentation to be beneficial for our baby:

First of all, you have to be informed of his needs for vitamins, salt and minerals to opt for a varied and balanced feeding.

Then, knowing how to choose your raw materials: Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish. If you buy them fresh, you have to cook them quickly and do not keep them in the fridge for a long time to preserve a maximum of vitamins.

The small baby food jars also has lots of advantages that can not be denied:
– Significant time savings when working or moving.
-The safety of the QUALITY since the small jars are manufactured in strict Respect of the international regulation in Sterilization, conservation, choice of the raw materials to make sure of the total Absence of nitrates, residues of pesticides …. Unfortunately, we (mothers) can not analyze and control the fruits and vegetables that we buy in commerce or the market to ensure that no pesticides pollute these products.
– Respect for the regulated sugar content (for fruit jars ), salt and proteins (for jars containing meat or fish).

You will have to choose, but in any case, you will not have to feel guilty if you bought a baby food jars to replace a cooked meal or a dessert for your baby because the quality will always be irreproachable…
Even better than what you can prepare at home.

Warning: a small opened baby food jar must be consumed within 48 hours, with essential storage in the refrigerator.

WHO and the Ministry of Health advise breastfeeding up to 6 months minimum of your baby. Breast milk is best suited to meet all the specific needs of babies. Ask the advice of your Pediatrician.